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Postpartum care

Postpartum care is what lit the fire for Barbells, bumps and babes. There is a large gap in healthcare for new moms. They receive one postpartum check up and that is it. No real rehabilitation or transition from birth to every day activities and exercises they love doing. Once baby is born all of the focus and attention goes onto baby and mom’s health often gets forgotten. Women’s bodies have gone through major changes throughout pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. Proper assessment should be performed on all moms, and should go through a postpartum core and pelvic floor rehabilitation. Seeing a chiropractor after baby also helps to decrease strain on the joints and muscles that new mothers may have from lifting babies and nursing. 

What to expect during a postpartum assessment

  • Birth and breastfeeding (if applicable) history
  • Core assessment
  • Rehabilitation program
  • Cesarian scar release
  • Chiropractic adjustments (if restrictions are found)
  • Education